Brands, meet creators. Creators, meet brands.

For Brands

Hello quality content

We give brands direct access to creators for your social video content needs–no drafts, contracts, revisions up front

Throw up a campaign and watch as our community submits videos – buy the videos you want, pass on the ones you don't.  

Short-form video

TikTok, Reels, Snapchat, oh my...source your monthly video needs in one place (or exactly where you need them).

Ads for social

Let's get you content that converts.

Content rights

We negotiate the right ✨rights✨ for your content needs.

For Creators

Bye bye cold reach-out

Hello opportunities from your favorite brands right at your fingertips.

Create videos brands are asking for. If they like it, you get paid. It's simple.

Whether you've been creating for years or you have a lightning idea, we give you the opportunity to shoot your shot.

Real talent from real people.

Everyone is a creator. Sometimes they need a little push.

Access to brands

Follower count? Don't know her. Everyone has equal access to brand opportunities.

Simple briefs

Key words, duration, do's and don'ts, specific sounds–know before you submit exactly what the brand is looking for.

Clear pricing

The amount you see is what you'll take home. No funny business. No hidden fees.

There's no I in CREATOR

Sorry, that wasn't our best, we save all the good stuff for our creator community.

Join today for tips, tricks, meetups, our favorite tools (no gatekeeping here), and P. A. I. D. opportunities.

Ask for what you need.

Our creators make it.

Brands posts campaign

Walk through our campaign creation, set all the details – including price – and post it to our creator community.

Creators submits video

Watch the submissions roll in. The more details, the easier it is for creators to strike gold.

Brands buy what they want

Review the submissions, buy the videos you want and leave the others.

What's stopping you?

Let's sell your story today.

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