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A seamless way for creators to make cash working with real brands.

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A place to get exposure, growth, and create stunning video ads in no time.

This advertising ecosystem enables creators to be discovered for their talent and fairly compensated by brands.

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Content that’s made to convert.

We foster a diverse community of video creators from around the globe, through exciting opportunities and brand collaborations.

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Your one-stop-shop for brand collaborations

Join a community of talented creators that are using adhoc to create content for their favourite brands.

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Videos that merge seamlessly with social platforms that utilize vertical video

We recognize that brands need vertical video. That is why all adhoc™ ads are shot in vertical format to ensure high impressions and maximum conversions.

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More awesome features meant to bring better collaboration.

Licensed Music

Simplify the creation process with brand selected songs. We handle the legal mumbo jumbo so you can focus your energy on content creation.

Quick Payments

When you accept a bid, we send a check straight to your door old school.

Clear Pricing

Adrop budgets are displayed clearly. The amount you see is what you take home if you win. No hidden fees, no funny business.

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A platform connecting creations and brands to produce authentic short form ads in a user generated world.